Need travel gear and/or accessories?


As I have travelled the world I have come across some really useful travel gear and accessories that have made my life easier while on the road. They include:

Travel wallet

I love my travel wallet cause I can keep all my documents (passport, tickets, money, credit cards, etc.) in the one convenient place.

Electronic Device Bag

With all the devices I now travel with (laptop, phone, chargers, etc.) I keep them all in my electronic device bag. It is a bag with a number of compartments where I can categorise my devices and find them very easily.

Clothes Bags

I thought these were ridiculous at first but you know what? they came in very handy because I could find all my clothes in an instant. Why? Cause I put the same things in each bag I didn’t have to rummage all through my bag to find a pair of underwear any more. All I did was find my underwear bag and voila, there was my underwear. I highly recommend these.


I recently discovered Powerbanks. Basically, when you travel with the amount of devices I do you need to regularly charge them. While travelling you cannot always find a power point when you need one so I found a powerbank which allows me to charge my phone while I travel.

These are just some of the best travel gear and accessories I have found to be useful. As you travel you will find yours too.


Need Travel Gear and / or Accessories?

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