Are you researching your travel? Well then, you. have come to the right place.

On this page you will find very helpful travel resources. I use all of the following on a regular and irregular basis.



You have to stay somewhere. When I travel I use a range of accommodation types. I choose the accommodation that suits the travel I am doing. Sometimes I stay in dorm rooms in a hostel while other times I go more up market and stay in a hotel. I use HostelWorld to source a dorm bed and I use to source a hotel room. Click on the links below to start your search.


At some time during your travels you will be flying. The best way to find a great deal is to search what is available. I use Skyscanner and Cheap Flights to compare airfares. Sometimes I book online with them and other times I take the price to a travel agent and see if they will match it. And sometimes they do and others times they don’t.

Travel Insurance

I never leave home without travel insurance. I have learnt the hard way! Now don’t think I am accident prone or unlucky but I have had to claim on travel insurance a number of times. I have fallen over and hurt my ankle and needed medical treatment, I had some items stolen from my accommodation, I have had a flight cancelled due to bad weather and my father died and I returned home. Each time I made a claim on travel insurance so now, I always have travel insurance cause you just don’t know when something might happen. I have used different travel insurance companies over the years I have travelled but the one I have been using lately is World Nomads. Get your quote now to cover your travels.

Group Touring

I have travelled in a number of ways – I have gone solo, I have travelled with a friend and I have gone on organised tours. I have been on a couple of Contiki tours – I went through Europe with them and then Scandinavia. Both times I loved it. They took me to all the places I wanted to see and I met loads of people. One person is now my partner. There are many tour companies out there but if you are 18-35 I would highly recommend Contiki. Click on the link below to source their tours.