Travel Insurance – do you really need it?

My answer is yes, because accidents and mishaps happen when you least expect it and you don’t want to get caught out.

I have had to make a number of claims during my travels. My dad died when I was travelling through Europe one time and I had to return home. Another time I had my jacket stolen in Holland and another time I lost my camera and some other items and another time I hurt myself and needed medical treatment and another time I had a flight cancelled in Mexico. Each time I was able to put in a claim. I was so pleased I had travel insurance.

Ensure your travel insurance covers you for

Travel insurance can be complex and very laborious to read but I highly suggest you read through what you are covered for and what not you are covered for. Most policies cover you for:

Cancellation fees and lost deposits incurred by unforeseen circumstances which require you to cancel your trip;
Overseas medical, dental and emergency expenses – I suggest at least $100,000 coverage;
Emergency flight home if required – this should mean to your home country. Be careful when taking out insurance in a country other than your own because the emergency flight home might only be within that country and not your home country;
Missed connections;
Hijack and kidnap;
Loss, theft or damage to your luggage;
Travel delay;
Accidental death;
Loss of income;
Personal liability;
Legal costs;
Electronic goods;
Working holidays;
Extreme sports coverage is often extra so if you plan on bungee jumping, paragliding, etc. have adequate insurance.

I have used a number of insurance companies, usually recommended by a travel agent however, I often use World Nomads. They have covered me a number of times and been great to deal with when I have had to make a claim.

Please note I have joined the World Nomads Affiliate program and if you get a quote and then decide to purchase the insurance I will receive a commission.