Group tours

Choosing to go on group tours or travelling independently can be a big decision. I have done both myself and enjoyed both. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of travelling which you will need to weigh up.

Tour companies I have travelled with include Contiki, Top Deck, Trafalgar and some smaller independent companies. If you are a first time traveller who is going on your own I would recommend a tour. I had great fun on my tours, I was taken to all the famous places I wanted to see, I had all my accommodation and travel included in the one price, I met loads of other single travellers and the best thing of all is I met my life partner.

If you want to book on a tour check out the following travel companies. Please note I have joined their Affiliate programs which means if you book and pay for your tour through the links following I will receive a commission, a commission which helps me to continue this website/blog.