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Cruising the Panama Canal

A fear of flying (that’s another story) forced me to look at alternatives to get me from London to Sydney. The alternative I chose was to spend 42 days at sea visiting places such as The Azores, The Caribbean, Panama City and Tahiti before reaching Sydney....

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Cancun Mexico

Cancun, Mexico – Spoil yourself at this premier coastal destination on Mexico’s Yucutan Peninsula While I was living in London I received a proposal from a friend to meet them in Mexico. My first thoughts were why on earth go to a dirty, third world...

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Hostels. Cheap clean accommodation.

I love staying in hostels, most of the time! And why do I like them so much? Hostels are a cheap accommodation option Yeah that's right. Hostels are the cheapest accommodation option for travellers unless you have a free bed somewhere. What makes it so...

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